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                    The industry standard for motorcycles starter battery QCT 10942018 drafted by Skyrich was released
                    Time: 2019-1-1

                        On July 4th 2018, The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved and officially released the industry standard “General specification of Lithium Ion Battery for Motorcycle Startup QC/T 1094-2018”, which was drafted by Hangzhou Skyrich Power Co., Ltd

                        Since September 2015, Skyrich has organized an expert force to summarize and refine the production management experience of motorcycle starter batteries. After a large number of practical, technical exchanges and innovations, it took nearly two years to finish “General specification of Lithium Ion Battery for Motorcycle Startup QC/T 1094-2018”, Which specifies the motorcycle lithium battery for motorcycles used for the starting, lighting, ignition, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of lithium starter batteries

                        The release of the industry standard fills the gap in the field of motorcycle lithium starter battery at domestic and overseas, highlighting the strength and industry influence of Skyrich in motorcycle starter batteries, It is of great significance to promote the sustainable development of sustainable development of SKYRICH