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                    SkyRich Power Successfully Passed Hangzhou Major Science and Technology Innovation Project Acceptanc
                    Time: 2016-5-29

                            On October 24, 2014, the acceptance conference of Hangzhou major science and technology innovation project undertook by Hangzhou Skyrich Power Co., LTD was held in the conference room of Hangzhou scientific committee. The conference was presided by Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission. Experts from some units, such as Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and Laboratory for Photoelectric Technology Development Center of China, attended and formed a committee to check and accept the products provided by Hangzhou SkyRich Power CO.,LTD.

                            The committee examined relevant technical documents and listened to technology summary report, economic benefit analysis and testing results report. After careful review, experts thought the project was perfectly completed with the complete, accurate and unified technical documentation, product performance conforming to the standard requirements, mature technology, complete equipments, a sound quality assurance system.

                            This battery has characteristics of steady operation in wide temperature and power range, good safety and long cycle life, and has broad market prospects. The successful passing acceptance marked a step toward the development of new products and improvement of competitiveness for Hangzhou SkyRich Power CO.,LTD.