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                    Skyrich Power is listed in top 100 most valuable investment in National Equities Exchange & Quotatio
                    Time: 2016-6-3
                    On August 1st, China's securities journal announced that a total of 200 listed companies and 137 executives (leaders and secretary of the board) were awarded all awards of Golden Bull Prize. Hangzhou Skyrich Power CO., LTD. is listed in the top 100 most valuable investment in National Equities Exchange & Quotations. Company's board secretary Zheng Saiwei, was selected as one of best board secretary in National Equities Exchange & Quotations.
                    It is reported that 2015 annual report data was the main reference basis, and also comprehensively surveyed revenue and net profit, growth and liquidity factors. From the perspective of continuous profitability, two financial indicators are mainly considered: the compound growth rate of operating income is not less than 50%; The compound growth rate of net profit is not less than 30%. Combined the number of tradable days and interval trading volume, appraise and elect the top 100.
                    SKYRICH power in 2015 operating income is 290.8695 million RMB with 113.79% increase, and 51.398 million RMB profits with 181.17% growth rate, which far higher than the average level in National Equities Exchange & Quotations. The award for SKYRICH this time is deserved.