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                    Hangzhou Skyrich Power Co.,Ltd is selected as one of the important Cultivate enterprises with “Made
                    Time: 2017-7-16

                    To pushing “Made In Zhejiang” Brand building, Government quality commendation meeting is open at Great Hall of people in Zhejiang on 25th May. Hangzhou Skyrich Power Co., Ltd is selected as one of the important Cultivate enterprises with “Made In Zhejiang” brand in 2016.

                    During the meeting, it emphasize to seize Made in china 2025 strategic opportunities, strong pushing “Made in Zhejiang” Brand built, improving Zhejiang manufacture supply capacity, try to be “Made In China” model and Zhejiang economic Gold-lettered signboard.

                    Skyrich always take product’s quality as life and develop brand many years, the motorcycle lithium battery replace lead acid battery which create an new novation,  Skyrich products could directly replace the original lead acid battery in the motorcycle without any barrier. We are the OE supplier of Ducati in Italy and KTM in Austria and others famous motorcyclemanufactures. become an one of only a few  “Made in China” official supplier with top motorcycle manufacturer with, walking in the forefront of the word ,is  the good model of ”Made In Zhejiang” abroad.